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About Us

Just4Golf ® Story

How does a person take a lifetime career as an executive in the fashion industry, a love of golf, and turn it into a thriving head cover business? Meet Linda Faye, owner and founder of Just4Golf Accessories, LLC. Linda found a love for golf after dabbling in the sport when she entered a corporate golf tournament and found an instructor she connected with.

“I quickly realized how beautiful golf courses are, and the challenge to master the game was in me.” said Linda. After spending most of her life in the fashion and apparel industry naturally she wanted her golf accessories to represent her individuality and the passion she had for the game. When she bought a new golf bag, she found accessories, head covers in particular, lacking. “What was available was plain and masculine, overly stuffed, or an advertisement. I couldn’t find anything that coordinated with my new bag!”

Her frustration with the industry having so much to offer men, and so little for women made her realize there was a niche and market not being addressed. She took on the challenge, said goodbye to the fashion industry, and Just4Golf was born based on the idea that golf accessories could have fashion and function while allowing everyone to express their own unique style. Her mission to evoke quality, value and style in a brand led to a mix and match concept with fun and colorful patterns to coordinate together.

The brand flourished. Impeccable customer service and Linda’s keen sense to keep the brand evolving and on trend with the golf industry has made Just4Golf a proven performer in today’s market. “I’m always looking for the next new thing, which is how the Sparkle line came to be. Introducing Sparkle focused my strong propensity for women by offering something completely feminine and totally different than anything else out there.”

Just4Golf is truly a women’s enterprise and continues to fill the gap for fashionable options in head covers. Today, Linda’s vision has become the fastest growing head cover brand in the U.S. The styling, quality, customer experience and value are what make Just4Golf truly unique. The future is full of Sparkle for this one-of-a-kind brand!

Linda believes color is everything and each season she introduces fresh new collections in the season’s hottest colors and patterns that are must have’s!

Happy shopping!

The Just4Golf team

We design them you combine them!


PHONE:   (844) 726-0465
   (520) 744-1725


226 W Greenock Drive

Oro Valley, Arizona 85737.